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Fall Report

 Did you have a good summer?

I hate to see it go, although out here on the coast it actually seemed like winter, with a marine layer of fog dominating most of the months.  But now that autumn has kicked in, it seems like summer with clear skies and fresh air blowing in off the sea.

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Benefits with Benefits

Besides playing the Cold Spring Tavern, we had also been very fortunate to have kicked off the premier benefit for the opening of Santa Barbara’s famous, “Muddy Waters” Cafe, and with an added picture benefit for the wilderness protection group, “Los Padres Forest Watch” there on the walls.  Please say “Howdy!” to owners Bill, and Dave, to help thank them for us.

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Now That Was Fun!


Check out the video page herein to find the “cowboy” Larrry*-with-the-Ocean-All-Stars Band playing at the West Coast focus, “Cold Spring Tavern”. 

Here we brought in a cardboard backdrop with a rough painted view looking out over of the summit of San Marcos Pass and down to the Santa Barbara town below.  There is the sea, and the Channel Islands in the moonlight. 

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