*Note; The first “r” is silent

Cardboard World Peace Tour! And More

It has got to be good! 

For me that is.  My having all of these great musician friends, cohorts, and buddies, and buddettes.  (Buddettes; Is that even a word?  or an OK word?  They are beautiful, I must say.)

And here we go again with a whole lot of fun, starting of course, with the debut of my first issue, the “Cardboard World Peace Tour!” CD album- and upcoming actual tour.  Stay tuned! 

Then another, with the cool-Live-CD-album entitled, “Vacation on Mars” (“Why? ‘cause here, there’s too many cars!”), featuring the “Ocean All Stars Band” backing up the Larrr-rythms.  Bo Fox provides the backbone beat in true rock fashion, with Steve “Dut” Thompson playing thump roll bass guitar, and Ruston Slager providing harmonic chords on the keyboard, with vocals.  Roger House plays lead guitar, and, with a special visit by, David West, to accompany us with his slide guitar on the song entitled, “Coyote Weather”.

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