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Welcome to the official web site for the super duper famous artist/musician who’s name is “LARRRY*” 
Here you will find music, and blogs, video, and opportunities for more fun.


My variety of guitars include: Yamaha 12 string, Fender Telecaster, Custom Strat by Dale Ross, Martin Acoustic Steel, Martin Gut String

And, my first CD Album is soon to make its debut.  Entitled “Cardboard World Peace Tour” it explores the options of dismantling the nuclear weapons while on Tour.  Problem was though, that we ran out of funds and so now we are on a Cardboard World Peace Tour.  Just now finishing up painting my cardboard Eiffel Tower, and Kremlin for the video eye.

Recorded at  “Playball Musical Services” Studio “Z”, in Santa Barbara, by Recording and Musical Genius, David West.  David plays a variety of instruments on the CD including, but not limited to; hammer dulcimer, string bass, bass ukulele, keyboards and guitar. 

Also, some great music stars jump in including; Tom Ball on harmonica and vocals, Jody Eulitz plays percussion, as well as the rock master, Bo Fox.  I also wish to thank Jay Ferguson for his keyboards and guitar leads on “Machine Gunn”, and Doug Clegg as he plays virtuoso accordion and trombone, to go along with Mike Shobe’s hand squeaks on “Cuzin’ Sue”.

Kathy Kelly lends her beautiful harmonies, and musician husband, Kevin Kelly, as he rocks the keyboard to “Coast of Love.”   Please don’t miss the excellent alto saxophone leads by, Dave Tolegian, on the lonely “she went away” song entitled “Now Through Time.”  And then, of course, my acoustic guitar work, the one piano song, and excellent “whiny,” scratchy, voice or wail- comes through to irritate the nerves in true rock style.  Rock and Roll lives on!

The CD was excellently mixed by David West, and CD mastered by Art Engineer Emmet Sargeant of the legendary “Beagle Studios” of Santa Barbara.  Thank you all, as well as to family, friends, and supporters to help with this hysterical, uh, historic! release.

Stay tuned for CD release party opportunities.

photo credit: home page, Jim Kilberg 

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