*Note; The first “r” is silent

Now That Was Fun!

 Check out the video page herein to find the “cowboy” Larrry*-with-the-Ocean-All-Stars Band playing at the West Coast focus, “Cold Spring Tavern”. 

Here we brought in a cardboard backdrop with a rough painted view looking out over of the summit of San Marcos Pass and down to the Santa Barbara town below.  There is the sea, and the Channel Islands in the moonlight. 

In these video takes we find the tap, tap, tap, surf howdy beat with Channel Islands kayak guide, Andy Babcock, pounding the drums.  Next we discover renaissance guy, Dale Ross, playing bass on his hand-built-“fret-less”-solid- body, here sporting the tuning keys coming up behind, (you guys really should consider buying one of these!).  And somewhere in the, or just out of the frame, plays, Ruston Slager, on his keyboard and with back-up vocals.  Thanks Ruston!  Roger House returns with his stratocaster guitar, and playing those ‘ripping leads’, awesome.  We were so very fortunate to have been invited there by Cold Spring Music Director, Patty Tierney, thank you Patty, and to all of the Staff and Management up there in the Santa Ynez Mountains.

As with the new nom de guerre, “Larrry,* and The Ocean All stars”, we had been playing our West Coast Tour in preparation for the actual, “World Peace Tour” (about which I will have a lot more to say coming up!  There will be a lot more, though through all of my preach rambling, I am sure to come across as quite annoying,  I sort of apologize, for you see and may I say, my attempt is to irritate “in true rock style”). 

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