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Fall Report

  Did you have a good summer?

I hate to see it go, although out here on the coast it actually seemed like winter, with a marine layer of fog dominating most of the months.  But now that autumn has kicked in, it seems like summer with clear skies and fresh air blowing in off the sea. Anyway, I had a great foggy summer as we were able to play again for the Phoenix House at Rocky Nook Park in Santa Barbara, Thank you to Phoenix, S.C.A.P.E. (Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment), and the awesome fans there!

Too, come end of summer, I was asked by, Gail Hansen, of SoHo Restaurant and Music club to join their “Singer/Songwriter” series. Thank you Gail!  Grateful am I to, Andy Babcock, who joined me with his multifaceted drum called a “cajon.”  Thank you also on that day to, Dale Ross, for his having brought an undercurrent fluid melody with his custom (he built it!) bass guitar.

News Flash;  I forgot to tell you about this back in the benefit section:

Upcoming;  Benefit for the “Los Prietos Boys Camp,” Saturday, November 16, 2013 at the Carriage Museum in Santa Barbara.  Not sure when we come on... it is an afternoon into early evening event. Tickets are still available. Contact Nancy Taylor


Welp, better get back to practicing guitar for this upcoming event, as I need to set up a good set list.  And sure, we could play the selections from the new albums, and/or... well I am thinking about some of the new tunes that I have came up with over the summertime. 

Inspired!  For you see, that when the California grasslands change out of the springtime greens- that they suddenly take on this luxurious mantle of golden ochers, yellows and orange.  Here the scattered oak trees do really pop out in dark green contrast, and one’s eye focuses off to the cool blue mountain distances, now to provide a visual rainbow palette of color.  Can you hear the landscape tune right now, kinda melodic don’t ya think?  And then again the scenery can “rock” with those precipitous escarpments and earthquake faults poised to go.

Don’t know if all of that terrible “fracking” is going to set off a nearby fault, as it is for sure to trouble the ground waters- but we the band, and our incredible fans start a stomping on the ground, the good ol’ rock and roll beat, we kick in some reggae and some blues.  Come on out and visit us soon!

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