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Release Concert and Party

Wow!  Announcing a brand new CD that is soon-to-be released. So folks: get ready for the Release Concert and Party!

Yes, thanks to the genius efforts of musician and recording technician, David West, and friends, my new CD entitled "Conquistador" brings a variety of musical sounds as we further explore the mind-set of the conqueror.

Songs that will include, "Slip Strike," talking about the San Andreas Fault line, and "El Nino in the Dinosaur Days," sings a song for the weather.  A pseudo rap tune called, "I Wanna Be Your Guy," and a new reggae groove for "The Sun Will Shine."

I am very grateful to the artistic talents of participating musicians to include; Tom Ball, harmonica, Jeff Elliot, trumpet, Shaun Fabian, guitar, Bo Fox, percussion, Roger House, guitar, Tom Lackner, drums.  Also the beautiful vocals of Lois Mahala, and Shawn Ties.  Dave Tolegian plays saxophone, and David West on bass, keyboards, and back-up vocals.

Cynthia Burt, has created the CD album cover, and the new batch have been printed at Discmakers of New Jersey.

Gracias to all, and stay tuned for upcoming details.

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