*Note; The first “r” is silent


LARRRY* and the Ocean All Stars Band** have a brand new upcoming gig on Saturday, October 1, from 10 AM to 1 PM, the "Mountain Art and Garden Sale" to benefit the San Marcos Volunteer Firefighters, at Cold Spring Tavern, 5995 Stagecoach Rd. (just off of the Highway 154 summit) and sponsored by the San Marcos Residents' Association.

Come for breakfast and stay for lunch at the Cold Spring Tavern, near Santa Barbara.  RSVP Ph. 805 967-0066.  Nearby are hotels and campgrounds.

This will be a good opportunity to introduce tunes from the "Soon-To-Be-Released" all new rock and roll CD entitled, "CONQUISTADOR," this coming winter 2016-2017 season- (Note; please consider leaving your contact info if you wish to be invited to the super fun [fun that is if, YOU, are there] "CD release party."  This will be just in the nick of winter-time to warm folks up with some hot new songs). 

And grrracias! to the fine musical talents of;  Roger House, guitar, Shaun Fabian, guitar, playing drums are Jody Eulitz, Bo Fox, and Tom Lackner, vocal harmonies by Shawn Ties, and Lois Mahala.  Dave Tolegian rips it up on saxophone, while Jeff Elliott transcends to the heights with his trumpet.  Tom Ball, carves and then echoes the canyon walls with his harmonica.  David West picks up the thunder with bass and keyboards and back up vocals.  Thank you to his mastery of Pro-Tools producing, and general helping to produce/ create these twelve future original hits. 

In the past we have been called a lot of names (some of which I did not hear...), "the fun band," or just another "jam band", and well all kinds of other things.  Whichever way that you wish to describe the sound, we are gonna be super happy to be with you on this day at the Cold Spring Tavern, October 1 from 10 AM to 1 PM.

*Note; The first "R" is silent!

**The OCEAN ALL STARS BAND rocks with; Andy Babcock on surf drums, Dut Thompson, metamorphic bass, Roger House soars with lead guitar, and Ruston Slager plays groundswell keyboards.  With Special Guests.  

Admission is Free, and bring a friend, and/or three!

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