*Note; The first “r” is silent

Have Yourself a Larrry* Little Christmas!

A CD release party is scheduled for Friday, December 5, from 5 - 8 PM, at Gallery 113 in Santa Barbara.  Many of the songs are holiday standards, but three of them are original tunes!  Super thanks to, David West, producer and top notch musician, for making the CD sound so good.

Too, Emmet Sargeant, of Beagle Studios mastered the tones of the overall album, wow.

And, wasn't it great to have as guests, Doug Clegg, and Tom Ball, and Bo Fox,  to step forward with their own rocking musical styles, grrrracias!  

Yes, I am fortunate to have so many great friends this happy Holiday time.

CD's are available also through and the Carrroling Manual and CD through my 

PO Box 22733 Santa Barbara, CA 93121 for $20. each.

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